Pet Emergency Care

When Village Pet Doctor is closed, please call the University of Illinois Emergency Clinic at (217) 333-5300.

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Pet Emergency Care

At Village Pet Doctor, we understand that not everything proceeds according to plan, and emergencies can happen anytime. Much like us, our pets are susceptible to unexpected illness or injury.

The sudden onset of a severe illness, such as heat stroke, in a pet can have life-threatening consequences if not treated immediately. If you are unsure whether your pet is distressed, look for symptoms such as excessive panting, labored breathing, lethargy, seizures, vomiting, or difficulty walking. You should seek veterinary care immediately if your pet exhibits any of these symptoms.

While we try to accommodate emergency cases during our business hours, we advise that you give us a call first. Our staff will advise you on if you should bring your pet into our office or refer you to an emergency vet. Outside our business hours, we recommend contacting the University of Illinois Emergency Clinic at (217) 333-5300.