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By indicating I agree and submitting this registration, I am responsible for any charges incurred by my pet(s) while in the care of Village Pet Doctor and that charges are due and payable at the time of service, unless other arrangements are made in advance. Any balance that is carried over a period of 30 days will accrue a monthly finance charge of 1.5% or 18% per annum. I agree to pay all reasonable costs incurred to collect this debt. This includes, unless prohibited by law, all reasonable attorney?s fees, filing fees, court costs, collection agency costs, service fees, and other related collection costs or contingencies. I understand that if any unpaid balance is turned over to a collection agency that a fee ranging from 30%-50% will be added to the total balance due. I hereby give you or any of your agents or assignees to whom you turnover any unpaid balance permission to obtain a report from a credit reporting agency and to take reasonable steps to verify my credit and or employment information. I give you or any of your agents or assignees to whom you turnover any unpaid balance to contact me regarding this transaction or any future transaction at any telephone numbers of which they are aware including cellular telephones by manually dialing, using an auto-dialer or pre-recorded message.